• Creating Social Wealth

    What you've done intentionally to improve the lives of others creates social wealth. What you've learned to make your next social impacts even greater makes you a social wealth partner...

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    What is Social Wealth Creation?

    Social Wealth...the total measure of human, financial and in-kind improvements everyone shares. We can count these gains as they accrue across all individual balance sheets in the world – at any level.


    • Some people call social wealth net-positive externalities of humanistic value.


    The premise of being a Social Wealth Partner is anyone can intend, create and share greater value into the Commons of our world – as opposed to merely extracting resources or destroying them to enrich oneself and painfully few others.


    • Social Wealth creation is both a means and end by which we can individually and collectively mitigate liabilities and their effects on self and others.


    Even the wealthiest 1% must spend or save their money across all of us in the Commons... whether philanthropically for legacy, for consumerism of personal luxuries, for economics focused purely on profit-making intentions... and even for creating more social wealth all can share.


    Governments, Businesses, Communities and Social Ventures are all intending (well, most are) to improve the world from their own perspective – to innovate, create, preserve and transfer wealth.


    • Social wealth is more than an accumulation of net financial asset value.  


    Yes, it is most easily represented by financial net profits or losses in the world. But money is merely a proxy for our individual and cumulative measures of real, physical improvements – the things gained in the lives of all peoples, all geographies, all species, positive humanistic abstractions – and even the qualities of all unnamed and undiscovered potentials found in-between.


    • Even abstract aspirations of journeying to the stars and expanding the living realm of humanity into a multi-planetary species is an increase to our social wealth (thanks Elon!).


    Any can become a social wealth partner by individual, team or organization intentions to target and create more social wealth across the Commons for all to share. And this is regardless whether such measurable and objectively verifiable wealth manifests as improved financial, human or in-kind net positive impacts that make our world better:


    If you can intend a better result for others and then make it happen, such that others actually enjoy that result, then congratulations – you're a social wealth partner!