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Self Health: The Way Back to our Purest Vitality

We humans are utterly dependent upon our environment and it is inextricably enmeshed within us...

A world in which every individual activates their own heritable potentials for optimal health and wellbeing.

Modern choices lead to ever decreasing degrees of health due to environmental degradation, both outside and within our bodies. Our health care institutions yoke us to diagnostics and synthetic compounds like serfs to larger economic powers asserting dominion over our appetites. We think nothing of being compelled to leave natural, common sense for yet another prescription, another surgery and wrong-headed advice to sustain more processed junk-food diets and chronic, daily stress.

The way back to vitality from ever more vicious circles of declining health begins by stopping:

  • stop taking the drugs;
  • stop eating crap;
  • stop chasing habitual stimulation.

With a minimum of space in time the body self-regulates. With a minimum of natural food the body reclaims a more robust internal ecosystem. And with a minimum of self care, even amidst the reality of degraded external environments, our bodies can actually recreate vital youthfulness we were always designed to have for life.

And that's the way back to vitality through the path of self health.

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