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    So dare to COLLABORATE and drive even greater global IMPACTS with others...


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  • Impact Metaworks

    Collaborations of Global Significance

  • Collaborative Execution at Scale

    Clear vision sees, but expertise aligns applicable public and private resources. We bring both together and help others build a better world in any domain. Your vision, our skills...


    • Our expertise is designing and delivering large scale public/private collaborations for clients.


    If your mission is at a plateau, or it's getting harder to scale impacts beyond your status quo, then we're your tribe.


    Reach out to us and we'll bring the world to you.


    It's how we roll...

  • Accelerate & Scale Impacts

    We work in small teams. Fast.
    For-profit, B-Corp, not-for-profit, government, community: however you're configured, we make any collaborative undertaking into an impact accelerator. We'll also happily refer you to those capable of improving any organizational results for achieving greater good.
    Our tent flap is always open – come check us out!
    Sometimes we don't wait for others to get off the dime and spark ambitious collaborations, like these:

  • Collaborative Team

    We design and execute large scale projects for impacts at any level of global significance desired by our clients.


    We'll even guarantee success.

    Rob Hanna / Innovation Architect

    CEO & Founder

    Use impactmetaworks.com to contact Rob @

    Joshua DeFord / Full Stack Engineer

    CTO & Co-Founder

    Use impactmetaworks.com to contact Joshua @

    Leland Lehrman / MetaPartner

    Founder, FundBalance

    Use impactmetaworks.com to contact Leland @

    Paul Cross / MetaPartner

    Founder, Ticketbud.com / Founder, Everfest.com

    Use impactmetaworks.com to contact Paul @

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